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When looking to sell a property the kitchen is one of the most important rooms to get buyers hooked in.

The nineties and noughties were the era to have a traditional natural wooden kitchen fitted. The majority of these are now looking dated and really need a good spruce up. When marketing a property negatives that will decrease the amount of offers made and the amount of the offer must be eradicated. The most cost effective way to update a kitchen is to paint the units. This can lighten the room and add a modern feel to a dated wooden kitchen. Any good quality decorator will undertake this for a much smaller fee than replacing the doors. There are also some great handles and knobs on the market that will add the finishing touch to a newly painted kitchen.

Please take a look at these photographs to see the difference in natural old finish and newly painted units. If you need help and advice please contact me for more help or check out this website with step by step instructions Click here!

Gloucester Road Kitchen Gallery

Woolton Lodge Kitchen Gallery